Now That's What I Call SNP 56

by Tommy Mackay

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released May 14, 2015


tags: pop Edinburgh


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Tommy Mackay Edinburgh, UK

Scottish comedy performer and editor of The Daily Reckless - the paper that sings the news.

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Track Name: The Magnificent 56
The Magnificent 56

Mhairi Black
Deidre Brock
Stewart Hosie
Calum Kerr

Ian Blackford
Kirsty Blackman
In Westminster, in your hair

Joanna Cherry
Margaret Ferrier
Angela Crawley

Martyn Day
Neil Gray
Martin Docherty

Richard Arkless
Patrick Grady
Stuart Donaldson

Hannah Bardell
Philip Boswell
Carol Monaghan

Lisa Cameron
Douglas Chapman
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

Alex Salmond
Tommy Sheppard
Gie them hell, gie us a break

Alan Brown
Ronnie Cowan
Chris Law, Callum McCaig

The other opposition's clueless
We got Eilidh Whiteford and Alison Thewliss

Owen Thompson
Michelle Thomson
Peter Grant
Drew Hendry

Stewart McDonald - 1 and 2
John Nicolson is down there too

Stephen Gethins
Gavin Newlands
Steven Paterson

Patricia Gibson
Corri Wilson
Angus Robertson

Natalie McGarry
John McNally
Philippa Whitford

Anne McLaughlin
Roger Mullin
Mike Weir, Pete Wishart

George Kerevan
Paul Monaghan
Chris Stephens
Angus MacNeil

Kirsten Oswald
Brendan O'Hara
Marion Fellows
Keeping it real

What've we got? Eh oh
You lot.
Track Name: Mhairi Black
Mhairi Black

There is a new MP and her name's Mhairi Black
She's gone to Westmonster now there's no turning back
Paisley and South Renfrewshire are so proud of her
Because she got rid of Douglas Alexander

No more will parliamentary language be RP
They did not foresee the rise of the SNP
If you look hard enough into the setting sun
Mhairi will laugh in the face of David Cameron

I see a black door with a 10 on Downing Street
I see some millionaires press Ctrl Alt Delete
I see Mhairi walk through the door with her degree
Which she's still studying for unlike Jim Murphy

I see a line of coke go up George Osborne's nose
I see a young girl shout The Emperor has no clothes
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
They're called shy Tories, more like shite bags I would say

I want to see the Commons painted black, black as night, black as coal
And Rupert's Sun blotted out. And Sky.
Mhairi, Mhairi, Mhairi, Mhairi Black.
Track Name: Jim Murphy's Hair
Are you looking at Jim Murphy's hair?
It has changed from mousey to white
Remember studying for nine years and failing
As Paul Calf would say, What a bag o shite

Tell him to wear an old Scotland strip
(And to run over the wonky bridge)
Erse in parsley, creepy and lying
(Faking crowds at his rallys and bellowing bile)
Remember Dewar, Mcleish and McConnell
(Wendy, Iain, Jolo)
They once towed the old party line
(And made New Labour New Tory-lite)

Tell him to stand on crates of Irn Bru
(On a busy street, megaphone optional)
Erse in parsley, creepy and lying
(Watch his eyes pop and veins bulge all the while)
Between the pointing and all the shouting
(Shouty shouty shout shout)
Tony Blair his true love sublime

Are you looking at Jim Murphy's hair?
It has changed from mousey to white
Remember him when he is forgotten
As that guy who just blethered shite
Track Name: Boris Johnson's Baby Farm
I ain't gonna work on Boris Johnston's Baby Farm no more
The conditions are intolerable and my sword arm is sore
King Herod is the foreman - I think it is against the law
I ain't gonna work on Boris Johnston's Baby Farm no more

I ain't gonna work on Boris Johnston's Baby Farm no more
I am tired of hacking heads off, I'm knee deep in blood and gore
Now they want to make a documentary on Channel 4
I ain't gonna work on Boris Johnston's Baby Farm no more